Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shrimp Primivera

Our friend Paul (who will be officiating our wedding) came to visit awhile ago and I brought out an old favourite recipe that I found here on

It's called Shrimp Primavera and it's simple but so delicious. We had purchased a delicious hefenweizen cheddar bread. It had a crispy crust that reminded me of a croissant and a heavier, very flavourful bread inside. I want some right now actually, but it didn't last that long in this apartment. Paul brought a lovely, fruity white wine that went quite nicely with it. This was the first time that I had used my new Moleskine Recipe Journal too. I <3 it :)



The recipe says this serves 5. I had 3 over and Changed a few things. I used regular ground up parmesan because it was a lot cheaper and easier to find and i had some left over from last time. I also used 4 carrots and 24 spears small asparagus as that's all the supermarket had. Might have added a bit more sauce too ^_^. Ooh I also added mushrooms as well! About 5 chopped up. I add them when I add the other veggies.



1. Cook whole grain spaghetti as package directs; drain.
2. Trim and cut Asparagus into 1" pieces, Peel and chop carrots into slices about 1/4 inch thick. Measure 3 cups of precooked Salad Shrimp (frozen) and set to side.

3. Spray large skillet/wok with non-stick spray, add extra lean olive oil, bring to high heat, add carrots.
4. Grate garlic cloves into skillet/wok. Add asparagus and cook for 5 minutes.
5. Add frozen precooked shrimp to skillet/wok until shrimp is heated through.

6. Add pasta sauce and heat until warm.
7. Add reduced fat parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to taste.
8. Place pasta in bowl and top with shrimp mixture.

I hope you try this and that you love it! Let me know if you do in the comments :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've finished all of the bridemaids fascinators! This means I can get on to making my veil and reception hat, two things that i have been avoiding because I'm afraid to mess them up! Anywho I think that these 4 were a good warm up anyway :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Playing with the Macro setting on the way home from dog walking 

Admiring the moon from my balcony

I might do these individually as you can see much more detail upcloe

Car shells

Typical Daisy view :)

Flags of of the russian Sailing Ship Pallada

A seagull shows a float plane how flying is done

Love the colour of this flower

I'm a sucker for sunsets

Everyone loves the symphony splash

Pickle boats at the inner harbour

I have also updated my SPCA photo blog as well. You can check that out here:

Friday, July 29, 2011


So, the shoes that I wanted for my wedding (red sequin hightops) proved impossible to find even with the internet to help me, so I decided to go dressy and the shoes i ended up deciding on came in the mail today:

They're even nicer than i thought they would be and even the box they came in was lovely. I love them!
In other news I went for a second opinion about getting contacts for the day of the wedding and even though my eyes are too bad to get an exact match it looks like i might have a decent pair for the day of. Hizaaa!!!

Ooh I also got my assorted 10 embellishment buttons to use on my bridesmaids fascinators. Now to wait for the feathers to give them the final touch. I feel like such a 'do it yourself' wannabe! Good times. Almost two months to go. Geez!

Friday, July 15, 2011

My first "how to" video

I decided to make fascinators for my bridesmaids to wear. I decided to make a video to document it for any other people who are craft challenged like me. I still need to find some sort of shiny embellishment (i'll look on etsy) but other than that i'm pleased with how they came out!

Here is the video, let me know what you think!

Next on my list is the birdcage veil!

**It now says that it is copyright infringement because of the use of the song but it should be viewable in Canada and the US. Go fig.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Also, in non wedding related news....

I made spaghetti and meatball cupcakes for trevors last day!

Nothing says "I'll miss you! Don't forget me!" like sending your friend to their new home with diabetes. 

I got the instructions off of this website:

Invites finished

With 3 months left to the wedding (oy-vey) we have finally finished the invites for the most part and sent the majority of them out. We've gotten some great feedback already which makes me really happy :)
On the inside of the card we have a R.S.V.P postcard that i designed and corner punched. On the back next to the guests names we have two options for guests to choose from:
-will be at the wedding, possibly dancing the robot on oct 1st.
-is not able to attend in which case this postcard will self destruct in 10,9,8,7,6....

 I adhered  the postcard to the card with one little square sticky so that it's easy to remove. Then i hand wrote in white pen surrounding it "I am a R.S.V.P postcard. Fill me out and mail me back please".
The bottom of the card is just the information for where to come for the wedding with an additional "Fancy hats are encouraged". I LOVE hats. And it seems to be a good compromise for me and André since i wanted it to be a costume party for the guests and he wasn't into the idea lol.

We also included a ghetto photocopied map as our ceremony location is a little random. I used the sticker that i showed in a previous post on the address labels. All in all i'm really happy with the invites and André is as well :)

Other than that I bought some feathers to make my bridesmaids their fascinators and some for my veil as well although i don't know exactly what i want to do yet. Ooh i also got my birdcage veil supply from etsy today! It was really cheap and came super fast! now i just need to work some crafty magic. I hope that it turns out okay!